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 The use of Moodle requires the user’s prior consent to these Terms of Use. By accepting this agreement, you confirm that you have read and accepted our Terms of Use.

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Anyone who wishes to participate in the courses in Moodle has to be registered to Moodle. The Professional School handles the basic registration for each user. At the user’s first login to Moodle the registration will be completed via the specification of an individual password.

Course rooms

Access to the individual courses is operated by the administrators and personnel of the specific program of study via a manual allocation. The administration of roles is exclusively handled by the Moodle administrators or the personnel of the programs of study.
Individual-related data from Moodle, including contributions to individual activities must not be transferred to other computers, servers or into other data files outside of the program, except for purposes of the specific course. Users have to make sure that no third party gains knowledge of these individual-related data and that the data is erased completely when storage is no longer necessary.

Copyrights and intellectual property rights concerning the content in Moodle

Every user has to respect and take account of the copyrights to all information and material submitted to Moodle and of all user generated or extern documents.
As operators of the learning platform, the Leuphana University Lüneburg and the Leuphana Professional School are freed from third party claims arising from the noncompliance with copyright.

Publication of Moodle content

A publication of Moodle courses for purposes of presentation is only allowed if it is conducted via exporting the data included in a course (without user data) into a new course. Individual-related data has to be removed or anonymized before the publication. A presentation of participants’ contributions is only allowed with their explicit approval.

User obligations

a. The user is obligated to protect their access data (user name and password) against unauthorized use by any third party and to keep their password a secret.

b. When providing their data, the user is obligated to make true statements. Any subsequent change to this data must be entered in the system by the user themselves.

c. The user is obligated to observe and comply with the applicable law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

d. The user is allowed to upload, save, make available for retrieval and/or transmit or distribute only such content in which they have the required rights (especially copyrights and intellectual property rights) and which do not violate any third party rights.

e. Every user is fully responsible for any and all of their activities when using Moodle.

f. The user is not allowed to engage in any misuse of Moodle, especially in any illegal transmission or distribution of content via Moodle, either intentionally or negligently.

g. Any user activities aimed at making Moodle inoperative, making it more difficult to use or capturing the stored data for the wrong reasons or manipulating or deleting it, are prohibited and can be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.

h. Any transfer of the data made accessible by the system to any third party as well as any commercial use of this data are prohibited.

Anonymous activity reports

In the context of Learning Analytics, anonymised activity reports within courses will be saved. With every access to Moodle, the following data (not individual-related) will be logged:

  • Type of action (e.g. taking a quiz or downloading a PDF)
  • Time (hh:mm:ss)
  • Course ID
  • Context (e.g. the quiz ID)
  • Operating system (e.g. Windows), number-coded (detailed version data will not be saved)
  • Browser (e.g. Firefox), number-coded (detailed browser version will not be saved)

All data is stored anonymously and do not lead back to individual users. The respective statistics can be viewed in the navigation menu of participating courses by all course members. Aggregated numbers will only be visible when there are at least 10 data sets. Otherwise, "<10" will be displayed.

The Leuphana Professional School will use the data for the purpose of research. In this context, the course ID will be removed.